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Dr Phil Cox MBChB MSc MRCGP (2016) - Publications


  • Bowling K, Hart N, Cox P, et al. (2017) Management of paediatric hernia BMJ; 359 :j4484 [link]

  • Bowling K, Skingle A, Cox P et al. (2013) Comparing the number of lymph nodes harvested in oesophageal cancer resections via open, hybrid and minimal access oesophagectomy. Br J Surg.; 100(Suppl. 8): 1 [link]

  • Cox P. (2013) The Busy General Practitioner’s Reference Guide To Increasing Physical Activity Levels In The British Population and Associated Benefits/Risks: A Review Of The Literature. Journal of General Practice. Epub May 2013. [link]

  • Cox P. (2012) Pre-hospital care of laryngeal trauma and a hyoid bone fracture in a 14-year-old county-level rugby player. Injury Extra. 43(12): 144-147 [link]

  • Dordea M, Colvin H, Cox P et al. (2012) Clinical and histopathological factors affecting failed sentinel node localization in axillary staging for breast cancer. The Surgeon. Epub 28/1/2012 [link]

    • The abstract of this paper was also presented at the British Breast Cancer Research Conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom, September 2010 and at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, Texas, December 2010.

My Education

I attended Leeds Medical School and completed a Masters Degree in Sports & Exercise Medicine at Nottingham University (with merit)

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