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GMC Confidentiality Guidance


Privacy Policy (.DOC)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

All clinical discussions are subject to strict guidelines of confidentiality set out by the GMC. These can be viewed here or downloaded as PDF here.

Any information disclosed to myself is treated in confidence at all times. Information treated as confidential does not just include health information as it also covers information that is private and not

public knowledge or information that an individual would not expect to be shared. Examples may include the fact that an individual has been visited by a doctor and appropriate care will be taken to ensure all extra privacy requirements you may have are met. 

I am required to keep records about your health and any treatment and care you receive to ensure that you receive the best possible care possible. They may be written down or held on a computer. This allows me to have accurate and up to date information for future appointments, to audit my practice to ensure that I am meeting the high standards of care I pride myself on and to properly investigate any concerns you may have.

My Privacy statement is available to download here.

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